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#4- Gut-Microbiome System

Your gut microbiome is the key to optimal wellness.

That’s because emerging science has shown that a balanced microbiome is linked to nearly all your bodily processes.

With the Axis Gut Health Collection, experience the benefits of our cutting-edge Axis TreBiotic with Microbiome Matrix™ plus a careful blend of Digestive Enzymes and Activate, a 3-day detox.

A Wellness Reality.

Your body is a complex ecosystem that is home to an estimated 38 trillion living microorganisms.

This microbiome, comprised of over 10,000 various types of bacteria and other microbes, resides mainly in your gut, but also lives in and on virtually every part of the body.

Collectively, your microbiome outnumbers human cells 10 to 1 andcontributes more to your survival than your own DNA,

helping digest the food you eat, suppling vitamins, supporting your immune system and even helping create important neurotransmitters.

Emerging scientific research indicates that perhaps the most important role of your microbiome may be to support the gut-brain axis:

the effect your gut health has on your brain and vice versa.

The effect your microbiome has on overall wellness is profound.

That’s why some scientists refer to it as the master switch to wellness.

Product Overview
Modere Axis™ TreBiotic With Microbiome Matrix™ is cutting-edge
probiotic science, combining perfect pairings of well-studied pre-, proand postbiotics. This unique, 3-in-1 TreBiotic is the latest technology in gut
health and features a proprietary blend of highly compatible, bioavailable
bacteria paired with the nutrients needed for microbiome synergy, plus a
postbiotic formula for gut barrier integrity and immune support.*

Formulated with pineapple, Digestive Enzymes is a special blend of 7 enzymes that helps your body break down food and absorb more essential nutrients.

Product Benefits
• Helps you absorb more essential nutrients*
• Offers relief from symptoms of bloating, flatulence &
occasional heartburn*
• Supports healthy digestive function*
• Provides bromelain from pineapple to support protein digestion
• Amylase helps you digest carbohydrates*
• Lactase helps you digest dairy products*
• Lipase assists in fat digestion*
• Protease helps you digest proteins*
• Cellulase assists in cellulose digestion*