Deep Wellness Co

Spirit-Mind... Wisdom... Life Choices...

One of our life choices is rewilding/ reforesting Mother Earth.

We have collaborated with Pierre from We Forest Earth Ltd to reforest a beautiful spring-fed, north facing, end-of-valley 170 acre property in the hills of Byron Bay.               

This peaceful property,  “ByronBayWild… TheGoddessPeaks”, was once part of the ridge track the indigenous peoples took to travel between the ocean/ Brunswick River mouth (5 kms east) and the inlands.

Pierre gathers local native seed, propagates them, and plants out in ‘islands’.

Forests are important breeding areas for birds, who then spread the forest seed, further expanding the forest possibilities.

Native/rainforest trees are key carbon sequesters. They actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They also improve air quality by filtering pollutants.

We are all intrinsically connected to nature… it’s vital for us to consciously align ourselves with nature’s flow.